45 Years, Hundreds of Companies, Virtually Every Market

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Beginning in Monterey County California, and for almost 45 years, The PH Advisory Group and its predecessor company, Omnigistics, Inc. have been revitalizing and optimizing the sales and marketing operations of companies of all sizes in virtually every market in the US, Europe, Mexico and parts of Asia.

We have been truly fortunate that the concepts and principals that have defined our approach have been universally accepted, enabling us to add more than 12 coast-to-coast regional offices over the following 20 years.

In 1992 our quest to develop new markets for our clients was realized by the opening of a joint venture subsidiary in Mexico City, a few months before the passage of NAFTA (The North American Free Trade Agreement). Our Mexico City operation developed the first comprehensive list of Mexican b2b companies throughout Mexico broken down by industry, size of company and major trade group association. This enabled us to assist companies in the US, Mexico and Canada to market their products seamlessly to other member states with great success.

The PH Advisory Group recently re-located its headquarters from Southern California to Florida to work more closely with companies in one of the fastest growing economies in the US and to take advantage of a more hospitable economic and business climate.

The Recognized Solution for Growing Sales and Profits

For over 45 years The PH Advisory Group has assisted more than 500 niche-oriented, business-to-business clients in revitalizing their sales and marketing operation to enjoy high-margin, profitable sales growth for many future decades.

The PH Advisory Group’s unique sales revitalization program incorporates all components vital for continuous, ongoing, profitable long-term sales success needed to achieve the level of sales growth you always knew you could attain.

If you are not satisfied with business as usual; if your company is dependent on a small number of customers for a significant portion of its sales, or if your sales force,
























reps or dealers are not consistently delivering new customers and growing existing business on their own, The PH Advisory Group can transform that third party dependency into a dynamic internally driven sales machine.

We invite you to review our site in depth to acquire more insight into our concepts and business principals and to understand how The PH Advisory Group’s inter-connected program modules work seamlessly to achieve your most ambitious sales goals.


President, Founder