$12 Million Plastic Injection Molding Company headquartered in Southern California with Large Maquiladoro in Baja, Mexico

Client Profile

Plastic Injection Molding

Automotive, Consumer Tools, Electronics, House wares, Home Improvement, Toys, Medical

Existing $12 Million company servicing markets worldwide

The Assignment:
Founded in the early 1980’s, family owned and operated Y Company produces high quality injection molded components servicing a variety of industries. The company, with over 200 employees operates a plant in Ontario California as well as a larger Maquiladoro in Baja California. The company sought to dramatically increase its worldwide presence within five years.

The Method:
PH Advisory Staff immediately implemented the Lead Traker II™ Sales Control System and trained sales personnel on how to use it to track leads through each stage of the sales cycle, transfer leads between sales personnel, generate automatic fulfillment packages and provide weekly sales reports for routine review.

Furthermore, on-going sales training was provided emphasizing the value of relationship selling and acting as problem-solvers versus “order takers”. Specific suggestions were made to assist in overcoming language barriers and common objections to doing business in Mexico.

Our management also implemented weekly sales meetings with mandatory agendas and individual “Top 20” reports to be completed by sales and customer service personnel thus establishing accountability and added organization to the sales effort. Finally, PH Advisory staff positioned Company Y in the marketplace as a leader in plastic injection molding, emphasizing selling based on capabilities, reliability, quality and on time delivery verses price alone.

To support the sales effort, sales and account management personnel were taught the science of securing a weekly supply of individually researched sales leads, an effort augmented by direct mail campaigns to attack a variety of “emerging” as well as “unknown” markets.

Simultaneously, PH Advisory staff developed a range of marketing support materials including a Corporate Capabilities Brochure, Website, Specification Sheets, Letterhead and Signage.

These efforts lead to the establishment of an internal, pro-active sales team with increased communication, effective sales training, fresh, quality sales leads and state-of-the-art sales support materials.

The Result:
In the first year alone, (during a major recession), the company increased new sales by over one million. Furthermore, organization, procedures, policies and internal structure established by the staff at The PH Advisory Group over the years have been “institutionalized” into the fabric of the organization and continue to provide the sales and top quality pro-active customer service that has made this company the standard, by which others are measured.