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Securing the “Buy” Decision Through Field-Proven Effective Sales Support

To successfully sell enough new customers each year, to not only offset the usual sales loss, but also to grow at a minimum of 10-15% annually, a business-to-business sales organization must successfully master two distinctly different sales methodologies: First, a company must immediately elicit excitement from the prospect on the superiority of your company’s products, applications and benefits.

Second, a company’s sales organization must reinforce that excitement by conveying to the prospect the company’s integrity and its commitment to stand behind its products and services 100%.

The role of “reinforcement” sales support elements helps secure a sale and should emphasize why a buyer should select your company over a competitor’s. Sales support should introduce your company’s unique capabilities, staff, history, engineering, equipment, QA, and R&D — and most important, why its products and services are considered the best.

One of the most crucial sales support elements is a company’s website, a staple for all business-to-business companies. When searching for a product or service, most likely it is the first sales support element a prospect seeks out.

A website is a marketing staple that serves to validate your company and supply preliminary information, much like a sourcebook. And although a website is essential it does little to close business unless your site sells commodities through an online store. With prospects typically spending less than a minute viewing a site, it leaves little opportunity for a sales person to present the benefits of doing business with your company and ultimately closing the sale.

“Closing the sale” depends on your sales organization’s use of a broad spectrum of sales support elements, most importantly the Corporate Capabilities Brochure” (CCB). It is the one piece that has the strength to make or break that sale, conveying your company’s message, its product line, its warranty program and other factual representations precisely as you want them to be. A professionally produced CCB is effective to present to investors, financial institutions, as a mailer to a specific target or as a response device to any and all inquiries, added to all RFQ’s, invoices and routine correspondence.

Add these vital tools to your sales arsenal by calling me personally at 813-533-1969 or emailing me for complete information on implementing your own powerful sales generation programs including your company’s full-color Corporate Capabilities Brochure.

Peter Hudson, President


Modern Highly Targeted Direct Mail
The Miracle B2B Sales Generator

To succeed and prosper in today’s economic environment, executives in the business-to-business marketplace must master the one area most critical to a company’s long-term profitable success: the generation of a continuous supply of high quality new business sales leads on a “non-stop” basis.

Business-to-Business companies by definition produce products and offer services that are specific to narrowly defined industries. Making it more challenging is that they sell those products to an even more narrowly defined group of decision makers and influencers: Design Engineers, Product Managers, Application Engineers, Purchasing Directors, and Manufacturing Managers.

With the advent of Standard Industrial Codes (SIC) developed by the US Census’ Bureau, followed several decades later by the North American Industry Classification System (NAIC), the B2B marketplace gained valuable tools with which to identify and communicate precisely with its product and service specifiers.

Thus was born the marketing miracle of “Direct Mail, the proactive media that continues to be the irrefutable lifeblood of dynamic B2B companies that demand high-margin, profitable sales growth year over year.

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Direct Mail targets industries and buying authorities like no other media, proactively conveying your strongest sales argument to decision makers and decision influencers who may not be familiar with your products and or services.

Unfortunately many B2B companies fail to measure the bottom-line effectiveness of their sales generating dollar and have become prey to the latest communications’ fad: blogs, content marketing, newsletters, landing pages and social media. And strictly adhered to bottom-line net R.O.I. calculations have been replaced by unmeasurable criteria including: ”website page views and bounce rates”, “email reads”, and my favorite, “positive feedback”. And while email is commonly used to “soften up” a broad market prior to Direct Mail campaigns, email by itself simply lacks the field-proven track record in reaching your prime decision maker and convincing them, without competition to trust your company and buy your products and services.

It is for all these irrefutable reasons that The PH Advisory Group LLC uses modern Direct Mail as its principal method to generate highly qualified leads that turn into closed sales at an extremely favorable R.O.I. In fact The PH Advisory Group LLC and its predecessor companies have written, designed and produced more than 15,000,000 pieces of Direct Mail generating high margin continuing sales and profits for its more than 450 clients throughout the U.S. Mexica, Canada, and Europe for over four decades.