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How Does Your Sales Operation Measure Up?


  • Are you truly satisfied with its overall operation?
  • Are individual sales people pro-actively selling or sitting around waiting for the phone to ring?
  • Is your team developing dozens of highly viable new  prospects every week, or simply feeding off existing business?
  • Are your reps and dealers closing new business you would not get without them or pocketing commissions on just about everything regardless of effort?

Do You Have the Sales Team that Can Grow Sales to Where You Know They Could be?

Regardless of the sophistication of a company’s sales reporting and control systems, without a top notch sales and customer service team a company will never reach its true sales potential.

It is a misconception to assume that talented sales individuals do not need ongoing coaching and one-on-one mentoring.

The PH Advisory Group believes that as a minimum a sales team must be able to generate profits from sales in sufficient numbers to cover its own compensation and overhead costs plus at least 100%.










For that reason The PH Advisory Group integrates continuous strategic sales and prospect research training in concert with its participation in ongoing strategic sales meetings as a pivotal step to its sales and customer service support.

Finally In analyzing the sales and customer service personnel, The PH Advisory Group assesses the professionalism of each individual on whether or not management can say with confidence:

“If they can’t sell it,
no one can”