A Sensible Step-by-Step Approach that You Control

The PH Advisory Group’s charter for all its clients is to develop and assist in implementing the structure, policies, processes and proven procedures to insure long-term, high margin sales success throughout your company.

To accurately construct the precise recommendations that will insure long-term success, The PH Advisory Group conducts a thorough examination and analysis of every aspect of your company that even remotely touches sales.

This incudes but is not limited to organizational structure, sales and customer service operations, personnel administration, compensation, and placement, market and product analysis and additional sales and market related processes and procedures.

At the conclusion of this essential phase, PH Advisory Senior Staff will meet with your management team to personally present our comprehensive report including our findings, our analysis and our in-depth recommendations to once again insure long-term sales success and corporate growth.

After and in-depth review and thorough discussion with PH Advisory staff, your Management team can then select from a number of options to implement the recommendations with which it agrees:

  1. Implement selected recommendations through your staff alone.
  2. Implement selected recommendations using your staff but with the ongoing assistance, oversight, monitoring and periodic written reporting by PH Advisory senior personnel.
  3. Implement selected recommendations by contracting The PH Advisory Group to direct the entire implementation of all agreed upon elements to include operating and structural procedures, system’s enhancement, manpower refinement and sales and marketing support in addition to all required recruiting.Please note: All PH Advisory Group’s Programs are charged on a fixed fee basis with the exception of bought out items. We never work “on the clock”.