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The Secret to Generating an On-going Supply of New Prospects

Producing highly viable prospect leads is an essential element in generating profitable sales every company must have to expand.  In B2B industrial and high tech manufacturing modern highly targeted Direct Marketing has proven to be the undisputed leader in generating “sold” accounts.

Unlike a website or other “passive” forms of marketing where information must be actively sought out by the buyer, highly targeted direct marketing gets a prospect’s total attention as no other media can and proactively conveys your strongest sales argument to decision makers and decision influencers who may not be familiar with your products and or services.

While trade shows, trade ads, newsletters and websites can validate your company; direct mail conveys your message without competition and gives your sales staff the opportunity to solve a buyer’s problems they may not even be aware of.

It is the reason that The Advisory Group strongly advocates the continuous use of cutting edge, targeted direct mail for their clients as the primary vehicle to generate interest resulting in the highest percentage of “sold” accounts of any media.



Using Field-Proven Methods to Generate Continuing Interest and an Ongoing Flow of Top-Quality Prospects

A well-conceived, fully integrated marketing program serves to communicate your company’s strengths, philosophy and capabilities to decision makers thousands of miles away.

New business sales support materials must project your company as the “Microsoft” of the industry and must act as an “assurance” piece before a wide variety of prospects.

Particularly in a dynamic, highly competitive environment, your company is only as strong as its perception by others, especially when decisions may be made in distant locations without the benefit of per­sonal involvement.

The PH Advisory Group will assist you in identifying your company’s key marketing objectives, and then in developing and producing appropriate vehicles to achieve those requirements. The PH Advisory Group has established that an aggressive, highly organized, well trained and correctly incentivized sales organization should produce 70% to 90% of new sales a company must have to survive and prosper.












To capture the remaining 10% to 30%, a company must carefully choose from a variety of essential supportive and “external” forms of sales support resources. The PH Advisory Group has extensive experience in creating, developing, and producing state-of-the art sales and marketing support to fill this void.

  • The Web Site – Your Global Presence 24/7/365 – projecting your company’s strength and credibility – combating your competition. An effective website not only serves as a supplemental and easily accessible source of information, it can also provide invaluable credibility.  In the business-to-business marketplace a good site should function as an industrial “source book” supplying preliminary, but not complete information to those searching for a specific product or service.
  • Sales Support Collateral – To supplement your main marketing vehicles it is necessary to communicate additional information including the following: case studies, white papers, application notes, spec sheets, featured articles and more.