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Common Hiring Errors

  1. Confusing an order taker with a professionally trained salesperson who has a proven track record of closing new business
  2. Accepting high turnover as “normal”
  3. Judging performance on lots of empty activity or on a reputation as a “great person” instead of closed business
  4. Hiring a friend, a referral or someone from a competitor
  5. Assuming a good salesperson needs little guidance  or training
  6. Designing the job around an individual instead of your company’s goals
  7. Taking on the task of sifting through hundreds of resumes hoping for the best
  8. Using staffing agencies who do not vet candidates effectively or know your business
  9. Relying on head hunters who may infiltrate one of your competitors, recommending those candidates who demand the highest compensation, and charge exorbitant rates

Your Linchpin for Sales Success

The PH Advisory Group specializes in recruiting in-house and field Sales Professionals exclusively, including Sales Managers, Account Managers and Customer Service personnel.  We never recommend any candidate who has not excelled in a rigorous combination of personal interviews, multiple ability and ethical testing, reference checks and more. According to clients, our history of success stems from our 20+ years of experience recruiting outstanding, long-serving professional sales personnel and our innate understanding of what is really required for long-term success in sales, in sales management and customer service.

Unlike staffing firms, placement agencies, headhunters and other “people brokers”, The PH Advisory Group’s Recruiting team charges a fixed fee, never a percentage based on “potential” or “imagined” earnings.



  • Instead of trolling Internet sites looking for potential candidates who are waiting for the highest bidder, we only consider candidates who have expressed a specific interest in your position, as opposed to sifting through internal or outside resume databases.
  • We represent your company, not a candidate
  • We get to know your company in depth, enabling us to identify candidates who match your specific qualifications as well as those who will fit into your corporate culture
  • We don’t waste your time on marginal candidates; we personally screen, interview, test and perform background checks on all viable applicants