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To truly achieve high margin continuous sales growth The PH Advisory Group and its predecessor company have identified over its 40+ year history the elements essential in achieving maximum enterprise wide sales success working with companies just like yours. Please explore our website to discover how your company can realize solid sales growth in any economic environment.

Please call The PH Advisory Group at 813-533-1969 or email me at for a personal one-on-one discussion that will get your sales on the road to long-term, high margin sales success.


Perfecting Every Element Vital to Sales Success

The difference between firms that barely break even and those that consistently excel depends largely on whether management treats its sales function as a stand-alone operation or as a multi-dimensional discipline requiring the integration of diverse activities and support functions.

When all sales related elements are organized and implemented properly, the result can be an incredibly formidable sales and marketing machine!

The PH Advisory Group’s Marketing and Sales generation elements revitalize deficient areas, create vital functions that may be missing and recommend and oversee the implementation of the structure, procedures, disciplines and accountability critical to insuring high margin sales growth now and well into the future.

Customized to your sales organization’s requirements, these powerful elements may include all or some of the components defined below letting you the customer decide what is needed and fits into your budget.

How about your company? Does your firm have these powerful elements driving its sales effort?

  • A Pro-Active-Hard Driving Sales Organization that is structured organized and energized to grow sales.
  • Ongoing Lead Generation through internally generated techniques, modern Direct Mail, Email blasts and advanced web site positioning.
  • A Custom Sales Tracking and Reporting System that monitors all sales activity on line, real time throughout the entire sales cycle.
  •  A Proven Proprietary Method for Recruiting Superb Sales Staff using a process that uncovers sales potential, aptitude, productivity and integrity.
  • The Production of Dynamic, Highly Targeted Direct Marketing campaigns producing highly qualified leads in addition to professional Sales Support Elements reflecting your company’s competitive edge