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Does Your Sales Control System?

Centralize All Leads, Prospects, Customers?

Generate Sales and Tracking Reports Routinely .. Are They Studied?

Track Every Detail Through The Entire Sales Cycle from Inquiry to a Close?

Record Critical Sales Data Enterprise Wide to Guide Future Sales & Marketing Efforts?

Provide Accountability on an irrefutable individual basis?


Managing Your Sales Operation On Line, Real Time, Enterprise Wide

In order to maximize sales and profits of companies regardless of size, management must be able to instantly access every aspect of their sales and customer service operation. This detailed overview is absent in many companies, replaced instead by, “I have my own system”, “add-ons” to a broader ERP program, or nothing at all.

A spot on enterprise-wide system should communicate real time information to everyone who touches the sales process. Without such an enterprise-wide system tracking sales activity from the first contact with a potential customer to the actual delivery of an order, a company may not realize its true sales and profit potential.

The PH Advisory Group management will evaluate and analyze your Sales Process System on its capability to track the activity of all leads, prospects and customers from first contact to the acquisition of a sale and all ongoing activity.

In addition your Sales and Customer Service Tracking System will be evaluated for its ability to:

  • Gather and utilize demographics to refine further sales and marketing efforts,
  • Provide management with an on-line easy to understand view of all prospect and account activity anytime, anywhere in the world – Total Accountability!
  • Generate easy to read, fully accountable Sales Status Reports that become a vital part of every weekly sales meeting.

A detailed written report of our process improvement recommendations will be presented to management.  Upon Management’s approval, we assist in adapting your current system to our standards or assist in choosing the right technology that will facilitate an easy to understand enterprise wide system that will become your company’s sole practice to be used by all sales-related personnel and management – Total Accountability!